editorial illustrator and art educator

Rotterdam based editorial illustrator, observer and visual translator, fascinated by systems behind people’s stories, and inspired by the connecting power of creativity. Art educator at Willem de Kooning Academy, teaching students how to expand their perspectives and creative possibilities. Study and Career Coach, helping art students to reflect and to make future choices with growing independency. Curious, empathetic, connector, team player, fineliner addict, hike enthousiast, island lover and more. Eager to understand the why of things. Getting better at being.

Clients: VPRO Gids / Sprank Magazine / Het Zuidelijk Toneel & Theater Artemis / Medische Oncologie magazine / Sozavox, Ministerie van Sociale Zaken / Aan magazine / Mest / De Psychiater / Zang Express / Theatergroep Powerboat


Angelique Viester
Azaleastraat 40
3051 TG Rotterdam


DRAW! excursions

#inktmore #experimentmore #Victormore #outsidemore

For the Illustration department of the WDKA, I co-organise excursions to Gorssel and Biesbosch, together with Gert Jan Pos and Victor Elberse. Core of DRAW! is to enable students to expand their set of drawing skills, and challenge them to investigate the rural landscapes opposed to the urban environment of Rotterdam. Guest teacher for the Biesbosch 2019 edition Frans van Lent, arranged a special Nightscapes workshop.